Chazda and familyMy name is Chazda Albright.

I’m a fervent and dedicated writer of children’s stories, MG novels, screenplays, plays, ditties and emails. I’m an accredited blogger at Great Storybook and member of the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

I teach English Communications and Creative Writing. I’m a lazy artist who has an art show every other year. I relish organizing or at least participating in events where creative people are sure to meet.

I’m the director of the Kids English Theatre (KET) in my town (we meet 1-2 times a week) and love reading illustrated storybooks to kids at our local library once a month (every 4th Thursday). If you’d like me to read your story at the library, send me an email.

I no longer have pets (due to severe allergies), but was once mother to 5 cats. I’m a mom, an ex-wife, a serious girlfriend and an American who lives in a beautiful town called Homburg, Germany (since 2002). I grew up primarily in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) and went to high school with Neil Patrick Harris, but he has no idea who I am.

To read a considerably lengthier (and in parts, sillier) biography about me, visit This Page.

My Writing Philosophy

I remember once, about twenty-five years ago, I took a creative writing class whereon the first day of school the teacher informed us that Fiction Writing is the art of lying. I don’t believe that.

Writing starts as make-believe, but we get to practice and craft and hone the bluff in private and in our underwear. It’s extravagant and involved and we become involved in it, because once we create characters we care about and love, the story is no longer a bluff.

It’s a true imagining, something that is so rich with character and careful thought that it feels true, feels like it really exists.

A great book becomes part of our lives. The Great Characters inhabit our thoughts and over time, our memories as well. We care that Charlotte dies. I hate spiders and yet! -I cried. This is how a well-crafted story moves us, affects us and becomes part of who we are. I know this so absolutely, I know that I don’t need to explain to you who Charlotte is.

Great Storybooks are special, and cross over to many genres and demographics. If you, like me, wish to create lasting stories that might actually affect people in the way your favorite books affected you, I hope you’ll join me in this venture.

Keep creating, no matter what.

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Chazda Albright

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