I’ve only got one week left to get myself (and everything I need) ready for this year’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

On the one hand, I’m thoroughly excited. On the other, I’m frantic.

Book Fair hard nut with heart

The book fair itself doesn’t start until April 4, but I’m heading to Italy early for a bit of an Easter Break with my family. So that means my articles need to be written ahead of time for that 2-week stretch.

  • It means my videos need to be recorded already. Already!
  • It means all the agents I want to contact ahead of time need to be contacted already. Already!

Meanwhile, the classes I teach demand that I grade tests and homework, that I write new songs and record MP3s (depending on the class), and I’ve actually got a Happy Palmtree reading event at the library just a few days before my flight.

If I were a NYT Bestseller already (Already!), none of this would be a problem. I’d have assistants to help me pull all this off. But as it is, I’m doing this with my partner, and he has his own list of things to get done before our trip.

  • Editing the MG novel manuscript. Again.
  • Editing x-number of illustrated storybooks. Again, again, again, again.

I have heartburn. Don’t call me unless it’s to cancel an appointment.

I love you. Now go away.


--Download Getting Ready for Book Fair: trying not to lose my mind as PDF --