My name is L. K. Chazda Albright, but as a writer, I’ve used other names as well. I started as a technical writer and gradually learned my way into fiction writing. To do that, I worked as an editor for a few years. I helped other people get published and from doing that, I learned what it takes to write fiction. It takes a LOT.

What I’m doing right now

I’ve been teaching and writing for several years, living abroad in Germany since 2002 (I’m from New Mexico, USA). In July 2014, the local Kids English Theatre (KET) production of a new musical called Girl in a Nutshell was performed. I wrote and directed the show, a princess fairytale about identity and bravery.

Right now, Girl in a Nutshell is being illustrated by the careful hand of artist Jillian van Piggelen for an illustrated book adaptation of the musical. Jillian’s work has a nice roundness to it that I think is perfect for this project. This tale is quite modern in its theme, but the style of the story structure is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen.

Girl in a Nutshell

This is a picture from “Girl in a Nutshell,” illustrated by Jillian van Piggelen.

In July 2015, the KET performed The Easter Crocodile, which I wrote and then adapted to a storybook. Currently, that story is being illustrated by Georgia Edwoods, whose ability to bring real personality to her animal drawings just astounds me. This is an anthropomorphic tale, the first in a series called The Adventures of Smippy and Boo.

Now (2016), the musical I’m currently writing will be brought to the stage: 3 Dragons and a Baby. That production will be much grander and more detailed than any of the previous stage productions. It’s something I’m very excited about.

I’m also working with the very talented artist Faride Nasib. She is beautifully illustrating a special Christmastime storybook for me. I’ve written ‘Twas the Night Before… Understanding the classic American Christmas story, which translates what has so formed our cultural ideas about Santa Claus and his reindeer.

Twas the Night Before

A sample of Faride Nasib’s artwork for ‘Twas the Night Before Undertanding,” a special book about the classic Christmas story.

Most of the passages in the original poem use old-fashioned terms that kids (and parents) don’t really understand. This book is meant for the whole family to enjoy together.

At the 2015 Buchmesse (The Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, which is the largest international book event in the world), I met many interesting people in the publishing industry. I’ve been sharing a great deal of what I learned there (as well as what I know and teach about creative writing) on my Accredited Blog,


Bunny and Witch

This is one of my own illustrations. It’s for a story titled “The Magic Word,” which will be the first in a series of Bunny and Witch Books.


Keep creating, no matter what.

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Chazda Albright

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